Our Products.

  • Welding Equipment

    What can you expect from Firepower welding equipment? Superior performance, excellent value, and ease of use that helps you get the job done right the first time, every time.

    Firepower draws on the heritage and quality of Tweco® equipment, with the same product support, service, and application know-how you’ve come to rely on.

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  • Oxy-Fuel Equipment

    Our oxy-fuel equipment was built with every fabricator in mind, from professionals to DIYers. The authentic Victor® torch and regulator line is the heart of this new family, with system solutions and components designed for individual needs.

    If you’re craving versatility, oxy-fuel is for you. It can tackle a wide range of tasks, whether it’s brazing sheet metal or cutting up to six-inch-thick steel.

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  • Plasma Cutting

    The Firepower plasma range utilizes equipment from a proven leader in plasma cutting technology, Thermal Dynamics®.

    Our compact plasma units offer precision and power, making the cutting process simple no matter the project. Whether it’s car care or metal art, Firepower cutting machines offer perfection that’s a cut above.

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  • Filler Metal

    Our Firepower lineup offers a refined portfolio of filler metals that can be used on any job that comes your way.

    Featuring corrosion resistance, high deposition rates, and excellent machineability, Firepower filler metals can rise to the challenge of any application.

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  • Accessories

    Firepower welding and safety products cover a full range of metalworking equipment needs, all with a proven record of performance and dependability.

    With a comprehensive lineup of accessories, Firepower has everything you’ll need to weld and cut with safety and confidence.

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